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Baseball Reference website...

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I'm sure most of you aren't too high on baseball right now, but I'd like to show you an awsome stats site. You can find statistics from 1871 to the present for major league players, teams, and leagues. Complete post-season and managerial data is also included.


Growing up in Orange County California, I was a Angels fan. Here is complete stats from the 1986 Western Division Champions. At the bottom, notice Chuck Finley made only $60,000...

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Yep! 1986. What a memory! I thought we had the game won! I went outside to toss the football around in a friends backyard. His dad calls me in saying it's tied up. I'll never forget that game. ABC Sports and everything. Hendu! I still think of that when I see him on the Mariners games. Finley was just a rook back then. He was in the bullpen. He used to sign autographs at Gene Autry Park in those days. There's my Jimmie Reese story from those days. He's walking out of the clubhouse to one of the fields and it's like 9:40 in the morning or something like that. There bus was leaving in about an hour to go to a game as the Angels didn't have a park to play in back at that time in the Valley. Just road games until they got to Palm Springs. Anyway, Jimmie is walking very slowly to the farthest field to hit some fungos. He had his bat with him. It's about 50 yards from the clubhouse to the farthest field at that time. McLemore (who was just a young guy from Edmonton back then) was signing autographs for me and a few others. Mark tells us he's going to say something to Jimmie as he's walking by. Jimmie walks by and Mark tells him to not go out to the fields. You should head for the bus right now, because if you wait any longer then you won't make it. I forget Jimmie's response, but he said something funny and just kept on walking slowly. Mark left us about 5 minutes later and ran passed by Jimmie and said something to him as he was heading to the same field. 1986 brings back great memories! High school, McCaskill stinking up a storm and of course Donnie! That was some year. Nice to see the salaries! I remember Nolan signing the 1st 1 milion deal in 1979 with the Astros. I thought that was alot of money. I guess I was wrong?
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Heck looking at the Reds that year, Pete Rose was the Manager and played in 45 games... Also Barry Larkin's rookie year...

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