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BB deca on hr24

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I am having issues with both a wireless decades and bb decades connecting to my HR24's. I have tried everything in the book with settings. I have even contacted ISS and they have no resolution code for this. I would like to know how to fix this on my end and then I will know what to do at an install or service call.

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Lol @ auto correct!

Bb deca is plumed in correctly. We have been noticing issues with the HR24's connecting to the bb deca after the new downloads.

I have all three green lights on and activity is flashing like it should be.

Now let Me add this, my system was connected for about 3 days and then somehow gotten disconnected from the internet and from that point it will not connect again.
Sorry.. and yes I'm using swim.
Nothing additional behind receiver .. wireless deca not using cat5 since I have mrv. Wireless router about 3 feet away from deca. Also have moved the deca to another room and still would not connect.

Like I stated in my original post, this is not just me having this issue. I have been on several job sites where this issue is happening, other techs have been having the same issue as well.

Yes, I have heard that some systems will work and yet some will not. Also like I said, ISS is aware of the problem and dont have a resolution yet.

ISS also said it is possible that its my type of security being used with my frontier router. I'm using a WEP security kept. They recommended using WPA2..
I personally don't like the wireless cck. I had this wired up with a normal bb deca as well and yet still no luck.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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