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BBC question?

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Hi,Everyone first time poster great board here i have learned so much reading the different threads here. I just upgraded to Directv HD and boy do i love it! I was talking with my installer while he was installing my upgrade and was asking him what were the biggest problems on the HD equipment when he went on service calls.He said mostly dish out of line and bad bcc's.While he was hooking my HR-21 up he showed me the bbc's and told me what they were used for (I already knew from reading on here.) After he got my box up he showed me that i could go to channel 480 and 481 and check the condition of the bbc's to see if they were working right and if one went bad i could call Directv and get a replacement.Do these go out often?How will i know if one goes bad? Thanks for any help and glad to be a new member!
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Well, welcome aboard.

I had one bad out of the box - and replaced on the spot - and the installer left me another that was out-of-box as a spare; but, he thought it was OK.

That was one time in 2 years.
I haven't had any bbc's fail on me yet and I've got/had 7 HD DVRs that used them (aged anywhere from 6 months to about two years).
:welcome_s to DBSTalk, onan38!

I personally never had one go bad myself.

The problem you will have if one goes bad is you will start getting a "searching for signal 771" message on the MPEG4 HD channels.
They can also cause problems on other satellites, especially the 110 for some reason, since everything passes through them. It's easy enough to remove them temporarily to check for that problem, and receiving new ones by calling DirecTV on the phone is a speedy process.
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