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Is anyone else having a problem scheduling recordings on BBCA? Specifically, Top Gear (but attempts at Dr. Who and others deliver the same results). No matter how I try, I cannot get a BBCA program onto my To Do List for a scheduled recording at a later date/time. I am at my wit's end (which isn't very far).

I have tried every approach I know (Guide, Search, Episodes, Real Time). The Real Time does commence recording immediately, but that's obviously not very helpful.

I have followed each BBCA attempt with the same approach with programs on other channels and the expected resultsa are achieved.

Does D** have a boycott against the Brits? or is it me??


P.S. This used to work before the latest SW download with all the "improvements" (like 5 extra clicks to get from the Playlist to the To Do List) and a pretty useless Playlist Sort feature (other than alpha sort, none of the features does anything worthwhile to my list).

Did anyone test drive these "improvements"?????

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I have had no problems either.
Are you trying to record via a series link or via individual episodes? A series link will NOT record programs it thinks are duplicates, i.e. episodes that are on the disk already or which you recently deleted (so they are in history). You have to record those as individual episodes.
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