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BBC's Question

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Our pixelating problem came back yesterday, had multiple blank recordings last week and more pixelating thru the week. It varies from tuner to tuner as to which one goes down to zeroes, (and a soft reset fixes it temporarilly each time) but the last two times I got and checked the BBC's, both were warm to the touch. I've rad elsewhere that could be a problem and be a cause for the problems that we know are not alignment related. Swapped cables, BBC's and done all that trouble shooting stuff. So can you just get the free BBC's on the website or does it require a call since I already have them?
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You can just order the BBC's online. They were on my doorstep in 2 days.
It is normal for them to be slightly warm.
I tried ordering 2 on the website several times the past few months. The system 'took' the order but nothing ever arrived.

I saw a D*TV installer in the neighborhood, stopped and he gave me 2. But a phone call may be quicker since you may need them.
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