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Beauty and the Beast

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My kids have already watched it "10 and a hundred times" as my daughter would say.

Keep telling the wife to wait a few weeks and you get a copy on half.com for like seventy five cents.....
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It is a pretty good DVD. My wife and I pre-ordered months ago just so we could get the Lythos. I think it is worth the 20 bucks.

Also pre-ordered Lilo and Stitch when we picked it up for the same reason, the price was good and we got the lythos.
I picked this up at Sams Club last night for $14.48...that had it mispriced, and I jumped on it. I watched them fix the price sign as I was walking out. :D
Not in Denver, they didn't. I looked... :(
The special edition was $18.49 at Costco and I picked it up. It is a very good DVD. We saw it on the Superscreen last winter and my daughter has been bugging me to get the DVD as soon as it came out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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