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Sgt. Slaughter said:
Yes you will BUT you will have to manually program the harmony for the 0002 codeset since all harmonys database has is the 0001 sets. So once you've changed it on the box and the directv remote go take the directv remote and teach the harmony all the commands for the 0002 set.

Though its very odd you have IR controlling a tv in another room....without line of sight they shouldn't control one another.
Actually he shouldn't have to teach it all the commands. The Harmony software should have all 8 codesets in the database already. It will just ask him to hit a few buttons so it can compare those commands to the 8 codesets in the database to determine which one he is using. Once it verifies which codeset he is using it will map all commands to that codeset. He should only have to hit 3-5 buttons to get it figured out.

At least that has been my experience with My Harmony 880 and One's. I suppose with the new software that comes with the 700's it might be more painful. I don't like that software though, so I continue to use the old software instead.
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