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Best 'Bird' for an RV

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While in an Rv using my VIP211k with a single lnb antenna we will only be able to see one satellite. 110, 119, or 129. I can point the dish and any one of the three. Which would be the best choice for maximum channel selection without having to re-point? AT250 package. (and currently all the premium movie channels)
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It would matter if there is something specific you want to view. For the most HD, then 129. You may want to familiarize yourself with Dish's lists per sat location. James Long compiled one, you should be able to find it on somewhere on this site.
72.7 would be my answer with a 211 receiver but from CA it might be a problem with low look angles.
If I had to choose one orbital it would be 72.7 ... it has the most channels and no locals taking up transponders that could be used for more channels.

My lists are on the Uplink Center part of my website ....
The by satellite listings will show what is there but not what is missing ... the bigger channel lists will show where nearly every channel is.

Now THAT'S a list!
Had no idea of how many channels were out there. (we have had a bottom line pkg from DTV fo 18 yrs. just now joining the 21st century) Lots to learn!
There are only 8543 channels to keep track of. :)

(OK, that number includes eastern and western arc plus locals and internationals and all sorts of duplicate channels used for commercial and AK/HI/PR services ... but there are currently 8543 table entries.)

The biggest problem we are having is deciding what we are going to watch now. Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Al, you may want to check out the "Tailgater" automatic antenna system. They retail for $350 and would work very well with with your 211k. Like all portable setups, it has the flexibility to place it just about anywhere away from your RV to gain line of site as well.
I have a Tailgater. It works well and is a breeze to set up. However, there are situations where it would be a mistake to put it out and leave it overnight or even for a few hours during the day. I feel it has a big 'steal me' sign on it just like my Honda generator. This is probably not a problem in a decent RV park amongst $500k+ motorhomes, but sometimes we have been known to dry camp. (with no adult supervision!) The tabs for securing it are plastic and would only slow down a 5 yr old kid. I never had problems using the crank up with an old DTV box and once I understand the idiosyncrasies of Dish/211k/3 birds/1 LNB then it should not be all that hard.

There are areas that even something chained up is not secure. They get a Harbor Freight air driven cutter and a bottle of gas and a chain is cut in 30 seconds! and I mean right here in Northern California (land of milk and honey)
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The possibility of theft is a sad but true concern.:( A ladder mount, after market or home made, would help keep the honest people honest but a thief is a thief and if they want it, they're gonna get it.
Tried 72.7 and where the RV is parked at home there is a large Oak tree blocking it. No sure if the hills behind are going to interfere but they look too high. Next time we are on a suitable spot I will try.

129 seems to work fine. Actually went through and checked all channels received fine.
129 is weaker than 110 and 119, but still a good signal.
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