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Best DVD to show off rear channels

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What DVDs do you have that really show off the rears? For me its U-571, Gladiator, Air Force One and CH1 of Gone In 60 Secs. When they drive the Porche throught the showroom window. All four are also great for showing off the power of your sub.
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Fast and Furious -Van Diesel in the quarter mile drag race over the train tacks and crash a couple minutes long (seems a bit slow for a quarter.) greate imagery and sound
Quigley down under opening sequence mixed sounds and later when he fire the Sharps for the first time.
The Matrix - gun battle scene in the building lobby.
Chris, finally, someone who was thinking as I was!

Talk about a deceptive topic title! :lol:
:lol: yeah, I see what ya mean, no problem, Ill chage it. Honestly, I didnt even think about that, when posting before
Oh man! What did you change it for. It was a fun title.

But seriously though, titles that first come to mind are Days Of Thunder and just about any IMAX feature.
Days of Thunder, great in Dolby PL, I have to get it on DVD one of these days. I saw parts of the filming of Days of Thunder when I went to Daytona back in '89 or '90. But I was too young to remember much more.
Top Gun
The Haunting.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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