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I know everyone thinks when they signed up it was the best time. Plus every ad says best price ever.... But coming from the corporate world and also car sales there really are times when a company wants to hit there month end, year end, quarterly numbers resulting in more aggressive pricing. Has anyone paid attention to pricing enough to say oh DTV always a big end of Quarter or back to school, Christmas or year end etc deals that get extra aggressive???

(especially in light that DTV is now losing more than signing up)

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If you like NFL football, right now would be the time.

If you don't care, November or December would be your best bet.

Typically, January/February is the worst time to get a deal for multiple reasons. Many people just got a TV for Christmas (or a Thanksgiving Black Friday sale) and may be inclined to switch to a new provider. All companies tend to have sales pushes at the end of the year to work up their sales quota for the year, so you are probably going to get a better deal at the end of the year.

After the new year though, the push for new customers may not be as big, and with people buying new TV's they might switch in January or February without questions asked.

My completely uneducated guess is November, OR the last week of December (right after Christmas BUT still in this sales year) is the best bet for a good deal.

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The best time to sign up is two weeks after you signed up.

If I knew in 2001 what I know now...

...I signed up and then 2 weeks later they offered Free Sunday Ticket for new subs. Never even gave a thought to calling and asking for the deal.
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