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Which versions of Windows were the best of all-time?

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djlong said:
Win 7.

The NEXT best operating system from Microsoft will be whatever comes after Win 8.

With all the 'new' stuff like "Metro" that they're putting into Win 8, I'm predicting it'll be a Vista-like disaster.

Right now, the Air Force is JUST NOW upgrading machines to Win 7. Many of these are being upgraded from XP - a lot of users didn't want Vista.

As a developer, I can tell you I'm a little sick and tired of MS constantly introducing new technologies to try and catch lightning in a bottle. Now we're supposed to throw away all our old stuff in favor of this new Metro look? A look that is, quite frankly, being FORCED on us? Those tiles look like an evolution of a 1980s concept, if you ask me. Then again I might just be rather irritated because of WinMo 7 throwing away the compatibility they'd had since the beginning - and suddenly apps that I'd developed that worked under WinCE, WinMo5 and 6 no longer work.
From what I've read, it is supposed to be very easy to disable the "metro" tiles and use a Win7 type interface in Win8. I think Microsoft has learned their lessons and knows that they need to server both the home and corporate crowds, so I wouldn't discount Wiin8 yet...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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