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I saw it, but I didn't have the same reaction as you!

I smiled a few times, but really only laughed maybe twice. I think it's a great concept, but it was poorly executed. The pranking seniors didn't spend enough time setting up the situations before pulling the prank, and then they immediately left, so to me it felt rushed. I would have preferred more interaction between the seniors and the "victims" to get more reaction.

For example, the bit where the elderly lady asked for directions and then yelled at the young man to keep his eyes off her chest could have gone on longer and been funnier if she stayed and kept accusing him, where I imagine him stammering and swearing he wasn't looking, getting red and flustered, etc.

Maybe they can tweak the format to work out the kinks and give us longer form pranks...

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Eddie501 said:
I always thought the best part of hidden camera shows were the reveal that they were in fact, on a hidden camera show. We didn't even get that with this show. Just a rushed gag, then on to the next.
That's the "Trigger Happy TV" format I mentioned. It was a British show which spawned a short-lived US version. Like this show, the segments where hit or miss, but were, most-often, very funny in a bizarre way.

-- Roger
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