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Big Brother 3 Update

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As none of this will be shown until Thursday night...

Jason nominated Marcellas and Amy for eviction. The food competition was "dinner from hell" or something like that, and I believe that they ALL failed at eating the really nasty stuff they had to, so the entire house is on PB&J for the week (except for Jason probably). The 3rd twist is the Golden Veto - the only difference being that if one of the nominees win it, they can take themselves off the block.

Veto competition was yesterday, but I didn't see it, so as soon as feed summaries are updated, I'll post who won it.

Edited: Veto competition results:
Damnit!!!! Marcellas won... grrrr...
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It seems like they have done nothing but bash Roddy and Gerry the last day or two...makes watching the feeds really boring. More info about the veto competition:

It was done late Sunday night (like around 11 or so) in the dark and had something to do with laser beams and fog machines. Marcellas said that he won because he had seen Entrapment and new how to handle the beams.
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