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Big Change in Pittsburgh Market

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The FCC has decided to change ch.16 from Non-Commercial Educational to Commercial. WQED will sell WQEX-16 for $20million to Shooting Star who will turn channel 16 into a locally owned PAX affiliate.

The FCC did say that they will look at adding another NCE allocation in addition to a few more commercial allocations to the Pittsburgh area after the DTV transition. It was noted that Pittsburgh which had only 7 commercial stations (as of today WQEX-16 is an NCE operating on a commercial allocation bringing the number upto 8) had far fewer commercial stations than markets of comparable size. Hopefully after the transition we will get another NCE allocation along with a couple more commercial allocations.
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Originally posted by bryan27
a(nother) locally owned PAX affiliate.
Oh, boy! Just what Pittsburgh was missing.

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At least it won't be a Paxson owned PAX station. Shooting Star is owned by a woman and a Pittsburgh native. There is talk that in addition to PAX programming the station will air locally produced public affairs and women's issue programming. So, hopefully there will be something on other than paid programming like on the National PAX Feed.
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