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Big Ten Alternates - I found them at last

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The lists under Favorites List -> Edit Settings give only one tiny hint (at 615) about which channels are "Big Ten Alternates". To find out the truth, I had to go to the Guide, make sure it's showing All Channels or Ch's I Get, navigate to the 600 range, press the left arrow to see the channel descriptions, and then repeatedly press the down arrow.

Here are the Big Ten channels I discovered, half of which are labeled DTV in order (someone else might reasonably assume) to hide them:
610      BTNHD   Big Ten Network HD
615      BTN     Big Ten Alternate
615-1    DTV     Big Ten Alternate HD
617      DTV     Big Ten Alternate
617-1    DTV     Big Ten Alternate HD
623      BTN     Big Ten Alternate
623-1    DTV     Big Ten Alternate HD
625      BTN     Big Ten Alternate
625-1    DTV     Big Ten Alternate HD
I believe the "-1" channels must be added to at least one of my Custom lists (along with 610) so that the Guide can show what HD games are coming up. (However, I understand that all "-1" channels may someday disappear!)

It shouldn't be that hard!
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Looks like they all revert back to HD ppv after the games. I wonder if they will be the same channels next week.
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