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Former President Bill Clinton met with NBC executives Wednesday in Los Angeles to discuss hosting his own talk show, according to several television sources.

Although the talks are only preliminary, one source said Clinton's interest was serious and said he was demanding a fee of $50 million a year and had aspirations "of becoming the next Oprah Winfrey."

Wants $50m a year to be "the Next Oprah Winfrey".
There is a difference. Oprah can pull people from all walks of life, I expect most conservatives would not watch at all.

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Good Lord almighty, I could only imagine some of that boy's topics. I really worry about NBC if they bring Bill Clinton. Clinton, you lost a lot with that affair, but you have SOME credibility left as a president. Don't through it ALL down the crapper.

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Even though he was an awful President (IMO, no flames please), he is still a President, which carries a dignity that he can still damage with a stupid stunt like this. His office is above being a shock show host.

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You should have heard Rose Odonell (sp?) go off on her show about this. She said if Clinton does a talk show, she will become a republican and start campaigning for the Bush's. She also would want all of her money back that she donated.

I really don't know if she was kidding but it was really funny hearing her say that.

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Segment Ideas:

- How to get tough stains out of fabrics
- The infinite meanings of the word "is"
- "Ah feel your pain" - dealing with chronic pain
- Harlem nights, sweet delights
- How to keep your pets safe
- How to have a happy marriage
- Raising your teen in a fish bowl
- Time management - working more interns into your busy schedule
- Oral sex: Tough to swallow, but not your father's taboo any more
- The importance of acting earnest
- Turning arrogance into an asset
- Feigning humility for fun and profit
- Name that state - contestants try to remember what state they are from
- Madam President - the behind-the-scenes story of who really ran the country
- Forgive & Forget - responding to terrorist acts around the world
- Hobnobbing with Hollywood liberals
- Laughing at the voters, the best medicine

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:lol: Nick,I love your creativitly
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