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Billing question?

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I just bought a DVR 21-100 from Best Buy, and called Directv and it activated approximately one week ago.....

My question: Is the $5.99 for the DVR monthly service in addition to the receiver leasing of $4.99 for that same DVR, for a total of $10.98.

Or, had I wrongly concluded that the former H-20 receiver was $4.99, and that the DVR would be an additional $1.00 for a total of $5.99. I have the sneaking feeling, that the $10.98, is the total for the DVR plus monthly lease........
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The $5.99 DVR fee will cover the DVR service for all DVR's on your account.

The first receiver on your account is covered in your programming package and than there is a $4.99 lease fee for leased units or $4.99 additional receiver fee for owned units to mirror the programming to each receiver.
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