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Billing question?

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I just bought a DVR 21-100 from Best Buy, and called Directv and it activated approximately one week ago.....

My question: Is the $5.99 for the DVR monthly service in addition to the receiver leasing of $4.99 for that same DVR, for a total of $10.98.

Or, had I wrongly concluded that the former H-20 receiver was $4.99, and that the DVR would be an additional $1.00 for a total of $5.99. I have the sneaking feeling, that the $10.98, is the total for the DVR plus monthly lease........
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You refer to a “former H-20 receiver”. Does that mean you have an existing H20 on our account and you are replacing it with the new HR21 from BestBuy or are adding the new HR21 as an extra receiver? An H20 is a non-DVR HD receiver. If you haven’t had a DVR until you bought the HR21 from BestBuy, then you will have an additional $5.99/month DVR charge on your bill now. If you are de-activating the H20 and replacing it with the HR21, then there will be no “mirror/lease” fee for the HR21. If the HR21 is an additional receiver on your account, they will charge you an additional $4.99 “mirror/lease” fee for that. So, if the HR21 is the first DVR on your account and it’s being added as an extra receiver, then yes, your bill will increase by $10.98/month.
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