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Billing ? There are 2-adv rcvr charges on HMC?

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03/13/2012 XXXXXXXX9294 Advanced Receiver-HD - Charge $10.00 $0.63

03/13/2012 XXXXXXXX9294 Advanced Receiver-DVR - Charge $8.00 $0.66

Is this normal?
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The multiple charges are for the current month of billing and the few days the receiver was active in your prior billing cycle that you had already been billed for before you activated it. DTV bills a month in advance so if your billing cycle is the 1st-31st and you activated the receiver on march 28th, you will see the partial month charge for the receiver from 3/28-3/31 along with the full months charge for 4/1-4/30 on the April bill.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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