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Black screen issues

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I've had one 622 replaced. Now another is on the way. Anyone have a
clue to this issue?

After a few weeks/months of a working 622, the HDMI video will start to
turn black. No menu, video. Sound is OK. The signal is still there, just black
video. It can last a few seconds or a few minutes. If it happens, it does it
within 5 minutes of watching. 1080i or 720p. If I shut the 622 off, the
bouncing logo will always appear. Turning the 622 back on will illustrate
the problem - black video. Flickering on and off.

The first 622 progressed so that there was no HDMI video and the problem on
component (too) got much worse. I've replaced the cables; tried other inputs
to the TV and another TV attached to the 622. The problem is the 622...

I spoke with a "622 specialist" this week how said it was a known 622
SW issue and use the RCA jack until it is solved. I was polite, told him OK,
but I wanted to understand my options if the problem was not corrected.
(The 622 is leased and I committed to a lease that I may need to break
if this is not solved). I was then connected to an "account specialist" who did
not answer the question. But she said the problem was HW and offered
another 622. (I took her up on it).

This has happened to 2 622s in row. Anyone else see this? It points to HW
failure (since the 622is stable for a while). But two in a row? :confused:

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One specialist told you it was a software issue; another told you it was a hardware issue? Wow, nice going with those "straight answers," Dish.

Component has the "black out" issue as well.

This is where the confusion sets in...
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