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Black screen w/info bar, no audio

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Apologies if in wrong thread, I have read way too many:) .

1. Set-up: HR-20 (Santa Claus version) using HDMI > Denon AVR-4306 > Mits WD-
62725. Additional run of component from HR-20 to Mits (used for
troubleshooting and setup). In addition to HDMI, optical audio connection from
HR-20 to AVR (used for troubleshooting). Networking and OTA activated.

Issue: Info bar only being displayed, no programming content. Info bars acts normal with channel change or info button press. When this happens there is no audio BUT my Denon AVR-4306 reacts to whatever digital audio signal is present (receiver LCD will reflect DD, PCM, or matrixed as pre-set).

Last time this happened I was able to get SD local channel to display normally, no other station would display (OTA, MPEG-4, HD, SD other than local). The signal strength on sats and antenna were normal= high 90s, there was no observed weather issue.

The only way I have found to recover is to either RBR or menu reset all. Once when this happened I optioned to turn HDMI input off on my AVR, selected Optical In for audio and changed to component input on the TV. The AVR would detect PCM / DD 5.1 as expected but no audio was heard and no video other than info bar. This removed the Denon from the equation for the video issue and so I removed the optical connection from the HR-20 and plugged in to my CD player. Wha-La, audio thru the same optical input port that the HR-20 had none thru. I believe I can safely say that the lack of audio and video is not HDMI, AVR, TV nor cabling related.
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Earl Bonovich said:
That is a known issue.

It has been improved/not eliminated in the 0x115 version.
Thanks Earl, I was not quite sure if this was the same as the BSD or not. I'll search the site for easier recovery. I meant to celebrate Elvis but the kids pulled rank.
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