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Black screen

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Woke up today to a black screen on live and recorded broadcasts. RBR fixt it. At first I thought I was bit by the Y2K07 bug.
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Interestingly, the black screen bug bit both of my HR20's yesterday. No live broadcasts (except for the odd fact that my HD locals seem to work) or recorded programs on either system.

Everything restored after a reboot.
My second BSOD. Exited out of viewing a recorded today show to go to parade live and there she was.

RBR cured all.

hr20 ox10b
yamaha 750 via component
sony upconverting dvd player via hdmi
I also had the black screen of death yesterday. I'd been watching one Freeview HD program, hit guide, selected a SAT HD program, then the screen went black. The HR20 was frozen, and only a red button reboot got it working again.
Me too. Black screen when I got home from Vacation. Another RBR.

I had my first black screen last night around 8:00pmEST when I turned HR20 on. Did a RBR and went back to being OK. Hope D* figures out what this is for next rev.

Update: I'm hooked up through Component.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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