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I've been a frequent lurker, infrequent poster. Was just curious if anyone has an answer to these two questions:

1- Tried to watch a few NFL Exhibition games (replays at that) this weekend on D*. They were "not available in my area". Yet, over the first few weeks, I WAS able to watch a few exhibition games---replays BTW. Is it up to each regional fox sports network which games they can "blackout"????


2- This past Sunday's Indians-Sox game...was in Cleveland at the Jake. Game was available on FSOhio and NESN. Again---IN CLEVELAND. Yet, on my MLB EI package, I watched the NESN feed? I'm in NJ. I always assumed that if TWO different FS regional stations had the game, the home teams feed was broadcast on EI and the visitors was "not available". Why wasn't I able to see the home team/Indians feed? Having watched most Indians game on the EI package over the last 3 years, I can't recall another instance of this happening. Thoughts/Ideas??


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Home team feeds are usually chosen. If it's not then it's a problem with the Castle Rock/Los Angeles communications. I've been told that from DirecTV in Castle Rock. There were problems with this earlier in the season. YES feeds if there are 2 to choose from are still chosen. Probably because of the unhappy cable people in NY. If there is a game where there are 2 RSN's then it should be the home team's feed chosen. YES feeds are involved then those are usually chosen this year.

I've gotten different answers to question #1. Some at DirecTV will tell you all of the replays not in your region should be blacked out. One person told me it's up to the teams, but I think it's a NFL rule with DirecTV to black them all out. They have been in the past and it looks like from you say happened the last 2 weeks of pre-season.
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