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Blockbuster vs On Demand, Which is which?

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I am new to Dish and have Blockbuster @Home for free for 3 months, movie channels, etc. I am trying to determine if [email protected] is worth the extra after 3 months. I know I get discs and extra content, but I have been trying to review [email protected] streaming content.

When I press Menu -> Blockbuster (Hopper) I am presented with a screen with the red drop down already displaying [email protected] There are also a filter drop down and a search feature. Without using search or filters there are thousands to page through. When I use the search feature I get some content that isn't free and appears to be On-Demand related (rental fees required, etc.), not [email protected] specific content. In order to use [email protected] do I have to use the filter feature instead of the Search?

How do I differentiate [email protected] streamed content and Dish On-Demand? How do I search for [email protected] streaming content only? :confused:


1. Menu -> BB
2. With [email protected] displayed in the red drop down, move cursor to the right and select Search
3. Enter "Grey"


The movie "Grey" is displayed and I know that is a new movie available On-Demand (in the 500 channels), not [email protected]
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When accessing the Blockbuster @Home menu on the Hopper, there will be some VOD and PPV content that is mixed in. To separate the pay content from the content that is included with [email protected] press the (*) button. This will filter out the titles that are not part of [email protected] If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send me a PM.
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