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From Chicago Tribune:

Blueprints for 'Star Wars' Death Star were created at UIC
Remember that scene in "Star Wars" where the University of Illinois at Chicago makes its case that the Empire can be stopped and the Rebels are the only ones to stop them?

You don't?

Well, it's there: In fact, as cameos go, UIC's role in the first "Star Wars" film would prove pivotal to the mythos of "Star Wars," more powerful than you can possibly imagine - if not quite SAG-card worthy, way better than a blink-and-you-miss-it walk-on. It comes in the last act of the original 1977 movie ("Episode IV: A New Hope"), as the Rebel leaders are explaining how to attack the Death Star. They call up an animated rendering of the Empire's floating fortress on a screen in the Rebel briefing room. A gray-haired general tells his fighter pilots that an analysis of stolen Death Star blueprints "has determined a weakness in the battle station." He says these plans have come from Princess Leia.

Full of it, he is.
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