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Associated Press reports that game-show host Bob Barker will be hospitalized next week to undergo prostate surgery.

Barker's publicist said Tuesday that The Price Is Right host will be hospitalized for two days at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C., and he will recuperate during the summer hiatus.

Barker signed a five-year contract last year to stay on as host of The Price Is Right through 2006.

The show, which debuted in 1957 on NBC, is reportedly the longest-running game show in television history.


Does anyone know how old Bob is now?
How many remember Bob on Truth or Consequences?

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he must be getting up there in age! Remember his hair coloring attempts in the early 90's? :) One day he looked like a gray haired man then the next day he had his full black colored hair again ;) Oh by the way I just looked and he is 78 years old.

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Hope the surgery goes well. Bob is the bomb! 1st quiz shows I ever watched at my babysitters in the late 70's were WOF with Chuck and Susan (both replaced in 1983) at 9:00 on NBC and TPIR at 10:00 I think and on CBS. Holly, Diane and Janice were the girls. Grocery game was between $6.75 and $7.00. Dice game was for only four numbers, Any Number cars started at $3000.00 with those fancy Nova's and Datsun's. Clock game and the game with the ladder up 25 steps are still my favorite games. 10 chances drives me crazy cuz they get the stupidest contestants for this game all of the time. Hello! Car ends in a 5 or 0 usually. Not $10,562. Try $10,265. Sheesh! If I was ever chosen for the show now, then it would have to be to play Plinko (show me the cash). Just wish Johnny could call me down! :)
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