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"Rage has lots of opinions if baseball is boring. How do you know all of this stuff about baseball?"

I use to be a fan and one reason I got Dish is for the baseball games. I loved the ESPN Alt. feeds and the superstations.
I use to watch a lot of games. If there were was a kind of boring game on then I'd keep score for something to do. LOL! I don't even remember how to do it now, but I use to know a lot about the game. I use to know "the book" on how to play in the NL.

When the Bucs were doing good I'd watch over 90% of the TV games over a period of three years and use to go to a few games a year. I also liked to watch other games with other teams.

The Bucs started to suck then the strike happened. I tuned in a couple years later and found that I didn't know a lot of the players anymore so it was kind of boring. That, with exspansion and the big money that they make and not being worth it... I decided to hell with it and baseball is now boring.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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