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Boston local HD football unviewable

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hi there,

is anyone able to watch football on the boston local HD channels with reasonable reception?

i receive the local HDs off the satellite, and even after 4 installation appts the results are pitifull. channel 7 is completely unwatchable. the others are watchable but you will eventually get a mild headache from the framing and pixelation.

if anyone has reasonable picture watching HD local football in the boston area, will you kindly confirm your area, and, if possible, please post the values for the six transponders on sat 99 (where the boston locals reside)?


wellesley/natick border
5lnb dish
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these are the values i get for transponders 1-6 on satellite 99b:

15 94 11 87 0 89

curious what others get, esp. if theres anyone who can watch ch7 nfl games. thx
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