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Boston Red Sox Board bus

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That was the screen caption on CNN a few moments ago. I can see how the expressions on the players faces adds something to the coverage. But I can't get over how odd a picture and caption that is. I mean is this reallly news?

That is today's philosphical observation. It has no value. But well I guess I needed to share.
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Now watch them try to put a spin on this saying this was a good thing for the FANS.

To bad its the fans who got screwed no matter what the outcome was.
You want odd? I was watching them board the bus moments after one of them terminated a phone call to me because it was time to leave. A surreal ending here.
I imagine this thread will now be about the end of the strike----a separte issue-----but I do find the whole thing to be surreal.
Geronimo, at least they all got on one bus and didn't need 25 like the old days.

Speaking of surreal, I was watching a program on secret societies this morning and out of the corner of my ear, I heard them talking about rumors that Geronimo's skull was in the Skull and Bones "tomb" in New Haven. And you know, my first thought wasn't of the Indian chief.
It probably was mine. I lose it quite often.
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