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Watching "Brave New World" (late 90s version) on Sci-Fi. I remember there being one from the early Late 70s/80s with the wife from Welcome Back Kotter. Were there any other versions as movies or tv shows?

It has been at least 20 years since I read the book, I was wondering if anyone had a overview of the "Caste" structure. I remember it as...

"Alphas" were the Big Thinkers the people who ran things
"Betas" were the highly educated workers, like Doctors or Lawyers or anyone who required many years of technical training.
"Gammas" were lesser educated workers, they required technical training, but not such highly educated. Mechanic, Plumber, Construction, etc
"Deltas" were non-technical workers, factory production line, etc.
"Epsilons" were the disposable workforce, those who cleaned the pipes in nuclear reactors.

Am I missing anything? In this movie on sci-fi it seems like Beta and Gammas were sort of combined and Epsilons were not discussed at all???

Makes me wish I could re-read it for the first time and have it be new.

From what I remember with the late 70s version, it was very much a costume/futuristic set production. While this late 90s version had some futuristic sets but didn't rely that much on costumes/futuristic sets.
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