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MrMojoJojo said:
He never seemed to have the same excitement, personality, or passion for the game that his father did. But then again, he was announcing for the Braves... so.... uh... yeah.
14 straight division titles and 5 NL pennants in the '90s alone, so i'm not sure what your point is. he had is own style and I very much liked it.

i will certainly miss hearing mr. caray. i don't know how many hundreds of games i listened to in my bedroom growing up on wsb am radio.

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Baseball fans who appreciate an announcer with a distinct style will mourn his loss. There are fewer and fewer left.

Here's how bad it's getting: The more cloned announcers I hear, the more I like John Sterling! :)

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From today's Atlanta Journal Constitution:
Skip Caray made the call when the Atlanta Braves won the World Series in 1995:
"Yes! Yes! Yes! The Atlanta Braves have given you a championship! Listen to this crowd!"

Skip Carey with son and
Braves co-announcer
Chip Carey

He made the call when Sid Bream scored on Francisco Cabrera's pinch-hit to clinch the National League Championship Series for the Braves in 1992: "Here comes Bream! Here's the throw to the plate! He iiiiiiiisssssssss ... safe! Braves win! Braves win! Braves win! Braves win! ... Braves win!"

And he made the call in the late innings of a lousy game in the lost season of 1979: "You have our permission to turn off the TV and go to bed ... as long as you promise to patronize our sponsors..."

More @ AJC.com
Skip, I miss you already. I'll be staying up past my bedtime tonight to watch the game from the west coast in your honor. Say "Hi" to your dad for me....and above all, may you rest in peace.

Tonight's game @ San Francisco
10:15 pm Eastern, 7:15 pm Pacific
TV Broadcasts: SportsSouth, MLB.TV


It has been said... "The death of any man diminishes me.",
but as a lifetime Atlanta Braves fan, viewer and listener,
the passing of Braves announcer Skip Caray has affected
me deeply, much more than I would have anticipated.
...Nick Nixon

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The Atlanta Braves organization will host a memorial service for Skip on Tuesday,August 12 2008 at Turner Field.The service will begin at 10 AM EDT.There will be no admission fee for the 10 AM service.Gates will open at 9 AM EDT.Parking will be available in the Green Lot.Joe Simpson will serve as emcee of the service.
During Tuesday night's game against the Cubs,the Braves will stage a pregame ceremony with the Caray family on the field.Video clips and first-person stories will be shown on Braves Vision between innings of the game.
Once again,R.I.P. Skip,you will be missed.
Press release from the Braves at the following link.


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I'm not often in this section of the Forum so I'm late with my comments.
I followed the Braves for a number of years and I always enjoyed hearing Skip. Like his Dad he will be greatly missed in the sports world.
Now I guess it is Chip's turn to carry on a great family tradition.
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