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7-31-2022 at 9:12 AM - PDT

This is a regular issue on my Local Channel 68 --> H&I out of Palo Alto, CA. (I don't get the 'National' H&I.)

My H&I on 68 routinely drops out to a full HD yellow screen. Also, I had insomnia the other night and turned on the Family Room TV at about 2 AM. I flipped through several channels to find something to watch, came across a movie I hadn't seen in years, but didn't pay attention to the Channel Number. Routinely through this movie, I kept losing the channel with a notice that 'Sat 129 has lost signal'. This repeated for more than 15 Min. so, I flipped to another channel.


Prior to dropping to the yellow screen, I get wicked pixelations, just like the two of you. Then, the screen freezes on one pixelated image, and drops to the full yellow screen.

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