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(o)(o) Perfect breasts

( + )( + ) Fake silicone breasts

(*)(*) High nipple breasts

(@)(@) Big nipple breasts

oo A cups

{ O }{ O } D cups

(oYo) Wonder bra breasts

( ^)( ^) Cold breasts

(o)(O) Lopsided breasts

(Q)(Q) Pierced breasts

(p)(p) Breasts w/hanging tassels

:)o)(o) Bitten by a vampire breasts

\o/\o/ Grandma's breasts

( - )( - ) Flat against the shower door breasts

|o||o| Android breasts

(/)(o) Scratched breasts (ouch)

(%)(o) Extra nipple breasts

($)($) Jenny McCarthy's breasts

(^o)(o) Zit on your breast

( o Y o ) Poses for Playboy magazine breasts

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Thanks, John. :rolleyes:

Now when, where, or in what communications
would you suggest we use these perky little emotiboobs? :confused:

Nickster :smoking:

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"Dude--- You use these things to pick up chicks in the chatrooms"

So, what you say is if I 'show' my droopy boobs and engorged puffy nipples in chatrooms, chicks will be attracted to me?

Just how does that work?

:lol: :rolling: :lol:

The Nickster (@[email protected]) :smoking:

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