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Is Broadband DECA with Dtv connected home system compatible with other network services such as Airplay or even IP camera. Ever since I've put BBDECA in customers' houses with Airplay and IP cameras, every single one of the customers called me back and complaining about not being able to do any Apple AirPlay, even some of them saying having problems with their ip security cameras. Does anyone know about how much bandwidth this BBDECA uses on a local network? If it is too much, is there any work arounds other than disconnecting it for good? Please advise.

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tamiraan said:
Well, that's what i was thinking. Could it be the HDDVRs that popped up on the network after BBDECA installed? They are all DLNA clients, right?
If they are DLNA clients, they aren't very good ones. :lol:

This level of networking isn't my strong suit, so maybe someone else can offer more info.

"Maybe" it's a router issue.

People have had problems with MRV that turned out to be related/connected to a smart phone being plugged into the network.
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