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I bought a Hughes DirecTV system with two receivers a few months ago. More than two months ago one of the receivers stopped working. It is under warranty and I want to send it to Hughes for the replacement option.

But when you call the Customer Service No. in the manual,
1-800-274-8995, you get an automated menu of options, and it seems impossible to find a live person to ever request an RMA#. Most of the menus tell you to call DirecTV or other services, but do not answer my question.

Does anyone know how you get an RMA# from these people? My housemate is very upset for not having his TV working for over two months, even though we are paying for it.

I also sent in a certificate that would extend the warranty by a
couple of years. I spent $5 to send this via certified mail to make
sure they would get it, but after 2 months, I've heard nothing back from them on that, either.

I also sent a fax to the CEO of Hughes over a week ago and still have not recieved a response.

help would be greatly appreciated!
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