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Originally posted by gcutler
My belief was that the creator of the show killed off the character so that we would all be appalled by it (as the Tara Character was a well loved one and had no real annoying qualities, a rarity on the show) and would cause one of the main character to be pushed over the edge. So while we didn't want to see Willow carry out vengence that would push her over to the dark side, we all would have sympathy for what caused her to go over.

This thread insists that it is all part of the "Dead/Evil Lesbian Cliché" and that it was insensitivity to the Lesbian Lifestyle...

For those buffy fans out there, what do you think???
I think that there are way too many "proffessional victims" who claim to represent entire "victim groups" who have way too much time on their hands, feel a strong need to be agitators at all times, and will never be happy with anything anybody else does.

Joss should never have made Willow a lesbian, not because there's anything wrong with it, but because the moment he did it the militant gay groups started sharpening their sticks just waiting to crucify him the minute he "screwed up".

Some things just aren't worth it.

-Lyle J.P.
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