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You've completely missed his point. Anyone who's watched TV for the last 70 years knows how advertising is the life blood of TV (not to mention ANY kind of media). Nobody is disputing that. The argument for a la carte pricing is that it's cheaper to bundle 5 channels together (even though some are low viewership) than it is to charge for each, thus if everything is a la carte, they you will pay more for channel...
I’ve been saying that since the 90’s. When a cable, satellite, or even streaming provider offers a package, everyone in that package makes some money. With millions watching, all these channels get funding to make programs. Some you watch, others you don’t. That is different for other people. So you spread the funding to support variety. But if you went a La carte the less popular channels would have to charge a premium price and would probably fail. You loose content and only a handful of channels would survive and you be paying premium prices for each, probably more than you pay now for a package. So less overall content for more money. I was not n that businesd for some time, and a la carte would kill TV as we know it.
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