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I have actually read articles both online & in newspapers where some people who have went to streaming are actually coming back to Cable & Satellite because not all streaming services offer everything everyone in a household desires to watch. One service like Hulu might offer one kind of programming where another service like an Amazon offers a different set if programming where Cable or Satellite offers it all at one place. So here we are back to square 1. I don’t think Cable or Satellite is going away anytime soon. 20 years from now it will still be around. Even 30 & 40 years it will be. DIRECTV in my opinion has led the way in offering all types of programming all in one convenient package & that is what I like about DIRECTV. And as for me….well I will be on of the very last people to ever give up my DIRECTV service. I have been with the company as my television provider ever since 1997, I have not changed to any other provider since and don’t ever see myself calling them to cancel my service.
same here. We will have basic cable paid for as part of our HOA in a new home but DirectTV will still be in at least the living room of the new house.
1 - 1 of 1705 Posts