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This is an issue with the various leagues, not with any one service, at least normally. I'm in Central Jersey and we are in the NY Demo, but I think it's kind of strange how they determine these demos. Princeton, which I think of as South Jersey, is in the NY Demo as well (I have family living there). I'm not sure where the cutoff is for Philly territory. I've heard stories about areas of the Midwest (Iowa perhaps) where, for various sports the area is claimed by both the St Louis and Chicago Demos which creates all kinds of confusion.
Yep, that's Iowa, which as b4pjoe mentioned the Cubs, White Sox, Cardinals, Brewers, Royals and Twins all claim as their TV territory.
I've wondered about the NY-Philadelphia cutoffs in New Jersey as well. It has always seemed like the New York teams can be seen a little farther south than their DMA, and vice-versa for the Philly teams to the north. At the very least, areas on the edges of both DMAs can get the other city's stations on cable.
1 - 2 of 1701 Posts