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I will be getting my DISH installed next weekend. Does anyone have BYU TV and is it automatically included in the channel lineup or do you have to make a special request for it? Does it cost extra?

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Thanks for the info. i thought I had read somewhere that it needed something "special". I guess it could have just been having to be on Dish 500.

Thanks again.

I think what you have heard is true for Directv. With Directv you must have an elliptical dish (18" X 24") dish to receive BYU TV, NASA, and some other public interest stations (and other subscription services as well).
Also if interested, there is the BYU Radio channel on 980 which is included in AT100 above.
You can also get BYU radio and the rest of the STEREO audion channels 950-981 for $4.95 a la carte.

BYU is located at the 110° location. So a Dish 500 or a dish pointed at 110 is absolutely necessary. I don't think you can get a new dish system without a Dish 500 anymore anyway. There are a few other channels included in AT50 and higher that require a Dish pointed at 61.5 or 148, but they aren't much to look at. :)

See www.dishchannelchart.com or http://ekb.dbstalk.com/143

See ya
BYU-TV is a "PI Channel" (Public Interest). PI's are included in all basic packages and there are different PI's on each satellite. As mentioned above, BYU-TV is on 110 (as well as several other PI's). The rest of AT-50 is on 119. Add a 61.5 or 148 dish and you'll get the full slate of PI's.
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