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cable, dish or direct?

  • cable

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • dish network

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • direct tv

    Votes: 13 92.9%
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I'm not sure what the point of your poll is.

Are you asking...

a. which provider we currently have, or
b. which provider we think is best, or
c. which one we would recommend?

I'm a high-end sub, currently a cable (Platinum + HD + broadband) sub so my own
experience may not be helpful to you. I had Dish from '00 to '05, but every year I
usually review and compare all available providers. Last year I switched from sat
to my local Adelphia, now Comcast cable for more movie channels, cable internet,
HD locals (6), all at a savings of $75/m to me. In addition, I have two very stable HD
DVRs (SA 8300HD DVR) on monthly rental, instead of having to shell out cash up
front. I get good same day or next day service and they will swap out in the event
that a stb goes bad.

I used to buy and install my own satellite gear, but I switched to cable last Fall, just
before I had a stroke in November that affected my left side, so it turned out to be
a fortuitous decision for me. The fact is, cable is a lot easier for me to manage. I
don't have to deal with multiple LNB dishes, alignment issues, new orbital slots or
having to shell out cash up-front to pay for the latest sat receiver upgrades. I am
fortunate to have a top-notch cable company, so bad PQ and poor service are not

As a long-time tv junky, I have six tvs in use in a 2 bedroom apartment, so not
having to mess with multi-switches, running multiple coax runs and the like is
a blessing at this juncture.

Advice? Look at what others are saying, but make your decision based on your
own needs.

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In that case, you'd better act fast! :D

Check out www.dishnetwork.com, www.directv.com and your
local cable company's web site, or give them all a call and take notes
for comparison purposes. Better to wait, do your research and get it
right than to jump prematurely and make a mistake you may be stuck
with for the next 12 or 24 months.

Good luck, and be sure to let us know what you decide.
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