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In addition to spilling the beans on his interest in selling cable TV systems to AOL Time Warner, Cablevision Chairman Charles Dolan also spoke to the New York Times (though not in detail) about the company's pending satellite TV plans.

Cablevision is working on its own small dish service, known at the moment as R/L DBS. Dolan told the newspaper that Cablevision is reluctant to talk about the satellite TV proposal, "and commit ourselves publicly to plans on the satellite, because the scope of what you can do with a satellite can run anywhere from a couple hundred million dollars to a couple billion dollars."

Dolan did tell the Times that the satellite project won't impact company commitments on liquidity. "So basically that means that we will require no further borrowing and that we will still hit free cash flow in 2004," he said.

Does that mean Cablevision could pull the plug on the service, or sell the assets? "Absolutely not," Dolan said.

On Monday, Dolan told the Times that Cablevision may consider a sale of its cable TV operations, possibly to AOL Time Warner.

Cablevision's R/L DBS has DBS orbital spectrum at 61.5 degrees, and for several months has been pursuing its satellite TV plans at the Federal Communications Commission.

From SkyReport (Used with Permission)
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