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Caller ID/Messages Problem

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My plasma is in the shop, so I've temporarily had to hook up a small SDTV to my HR21-700. I haven't received on-screen Caller ID since I hooked up the SDTV. Of course, there's no HDMI connection; I'm connected with A/V cables. Could that be what's causing the problem?
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Shouldn't make a difference... Make sure your phone line is still connected properly (and not in the ethernet jack by accident) and try rebooting your box...
Thanks for the reply, AirRocker. The phone jack was never removed from the receiver, so that's not the problem. I removed the plasma on 7/2 and connected the SDTV immediately thereafter, and the Caller ID hasn't worked since. I'll try rebooting and see if that corrects the problem
Another thing you can try is to do is run the System Test (under Settings menu). It will show you if the phone line is working. Beyond that, try calling DTV.
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