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Have a question about the Hoppers.

1. If you have 2 Hoppers can either of the hoppers play from the other Hopper recorded programs or external hard drive?

2. Is the media player working at this time. The way I under it is I can play movies from a computer through the Hopper or Joey. What format does the movies have to be in. Can they be in TS-VOD format. Currently using a Sage Media Player to play the movies.

Thanks Again
Jerry Douthitt
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I don't know at this time. I haven't been provided information as to what will be allowed/dis-allowed when the software update is released. As the information is available, I will update you. Thanks.

txsrooster said:
If installed correctly and after the software update..if you have 2 hoppers and 2 joeys..will each joey have access to the combined 6 tuners?
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