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Can An HD Program Be Burned To A DVD?

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I have an HR21. Suppose I record an HD program. Can I burn it onto a DVD in SD? With my old Tivo, I could come out at 480i and use a DVD burner on, say, a DVD +R recorder. Do I have a similar option with the HR21, which has s-video output?

Also, if I've recorded a movie, rather than just a TV program, is there some copy protection I should know about?

I want to be legal, but, occasionally, I appreciate the portability of a DVD.

Thanks in advance for brilliant and useful advice.

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use the "analog hole", just use the rca plugs on the back. everything will have to be recorded in real time. you can use s video but you need audio sent as well
1. yeah use the s-video as the picture is better.
2. dont do over 2 hours on a disk or the picture quality really degrades.
The HR2x’s do support analog Macrovision copy protection. So far, I have not encountered it on any D* programming, but YMMV!
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