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From another thread in this subforum...

bcab17 said:
... I read thru the HR-21 manual and I'm concerned about two items on page 47 (in the troubleshooting section): ...
2) "When I am watching a recorded program, and the DIRECTV Plus HD DVR starts to record another program, my image quality deteriorates.
Press PAUSE, then PLAY
Press EXIT to return to live TV, then press LIST. SELECT the program you were watching from the My Playlist screen and press PLAY."
Does this happen often? It sounds like a real pain in the butt to have to exit from a recorded show you're in the middle of watching.
Dr. Booda said:
This actually happened routinely on my HR21 during the NFLST season. The box would freeze up for about 15 seconds or completely crash sometimes. It's like the thing is resource limited when it decides to record when tasked with HD output + interactive capability. The wife wasn't too happy when her football game stopped… :eek2:
Does this still happen, or has there been a fix for the HR21 (one of which I just yesterday got installed in place of an HR10)?

Quitting and resuming a recorded show would be a pain, but my concern is that I might not notice any degradation of the image quality, at least not right away.

Freezing for 15 seconds or crashing, although worse than image quality deterioration, at least makes you aware immediately that something went wrong in the software. My HR10 also (very infrequently) froze/rebooted while multitasking -- sometimes while I was in the menu system.

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I upgraded to two HR21-700's in Dec 07.

I have never experienced the first issue and I do a lot of watching shows while recording one or two shows.

Regarding the second issue. My units can get unresponsive to the remote control (on rare occasions for 30 seconds or so). They are frequently responsive but very sluggish. They do not "crash" however. This is a "known software issue" that I expect to be fixed in the future. That being said, this "known software issue" has been troubling us for 2-3 months and a few software updates - yet it still persists.

All in all I'm happy with my HR21s.

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