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I'm down in Houston and hurricane Ike took out my satellite dish:mad: So I figured I would try to bring in DOD without the dish working to a least get something on TV. I followed the guide link in this forum to set up the network and I'm stuck on step 3 of 3 where I press "Menu" and then select "Help and Settings". The menu options I get are "Signal Strength" and "Repeat Satellite Setup" with no option for "Help and Settings" for me (probably due to the dish being down:confused: )?

Can I run Repeat Satellite Setup and get into a menu where I could get DOD working until they come out to re-sight my dish?

Sorry, I tried to search the formum for this information for 1/2 an hour and I wasn't finding anything so I thought I would just ask.

I guess the other option is to throw up a local HD antenna and skip DirecTV all together for now.
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