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Have a little patience aikidokap ;).

From what you have there the easiest way to go would be to install a Dish Pro Plus 44 switch. You may have to switch out the LNBs for DishPro LNBs as you can't use legacy LNBs with the DPP44 switch. You will need two cable runs (assuming 2 satellite locations here) from the dish to the DPP44 switch. There is one problem with this scenario though in terms of the HD programming. A lot of the HD programming is located at either the 61.5, 148 or 129 location. You can pick up a fair amount off the 110 location but in order to get all of the programming from an HD programming package upgrade you'd have to either install a Dish 1000 (may not be ideal depending on your location) or install another dish pointed at the appropriate location. In that case you will need a third cable run from the dish(es) to the switch. Also be aware that the DPP44 switch is a powered switch so you will need to place a power inserter on the first line. I almost forgot to mention that if you want to upgrade your HD programming package you will need a MPEG 4 capable receiver as boba mentioned. So to sum it up here is what you're looking at in order to upgrade your setup:


Either a Dish 500+ or a secondary dish for the appropriate location


Dish Pro Plus 44


921 swap for 622 (pair of them if you want HD programming on both TVs)
721 keep
7200 drop
501 drop & swap for a Dish 625/522 your choice on purchase or lease. They aren't too expensive to purchase though.

Line Situation:

Dish 1000 or a pair of Dish 500s

Three lines from Dish(es) to DPP44 Switch
One line from DPP44 to DPP separator to 622 receiver
One line from DPP44 to DPP separator to 721 receiver
One line from DPP44 to DPP separator to 625 receiver
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