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Can I Get Sky Mexico Service in NJ?

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LOTS of google searching gets me no where. I know the satellite they use is PanAmSat PAS-9, and their website shows coverage of entire USA. How do I get info on obtaining necessary equipment and how do I find program broker. Getting Canadian info is much easier.


Rich B.
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You could contact Sky Mexico,
via their website, at URL:
(redirected), and ask them
whether they encourage
subscribers north of the

If you've got any relatives
or friends in Mexico, you
could ask them to act as
your programming brokers,
as a favor.
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Where i live (ouside los angeles) i see a lot of ppl that speak spanish that have sky mexico service. They even have reatliers out here that sell it, but thats all i know about it. Im pretty sure if you can get it there in nj. I dont see why not. But you never know

Hope it helps
Go to www.lyngsat.com and find out what satellite they broadcast from, then they have a mapping tool on lyngsat that you can see where the satellite is from your location. If the elevation goes below 15 degrees you start to run into a lot of problems with buildings and trees because the satellite is low.

Another problem may be that they have the signal focused on Mexico and while LA may be close enough to the border to pick up the signal, NJ may be way out of range.
If it's Spanish language programming you're after, Dish Network has TONS of it - lots and lots of channels. There are three separate 'packages' from <> $21 up to (I think) about $33 or so. Check it out (www.dishnetwork.com) - it just might be the best available to you in New Jersey.

Hope this helps you
Acutully D* would be much better for spanish programming, imho. All spanish channels are only $14.99 and theres more channels included then in the $19.99 Dish Latino. And bilingual offering are a much better with D*, lower prices more channel.
Here's the link to Directv Para Todos:


If that doesn't work, here is the channel listing:

Spanish-Language Channels Channel Number
Boomerang (ESP) 297
Canal Sur 420
Cartoon Network (ESP) 296
Cine Latino 423
MARIA+VISI&Ooacute;N* 438
CNN en Español 419
Discovery en Español 413
EWTN Español* 422
Fox Sports World Español 425
Galavisión 404
MTV Español 416
mun2 410
Music Choice: Canciones de Amor Internacional 848
Music Choice: Latin Love Songs 847
Music Choice: Mexicana** 850
Music Choice: Música Latina 846
Music Choice: Rock en Español 845
Music Choice: Salsa y Merengue** 849
Music Choice: Tejano** 851
Telefe Internacional 411
Telemundo East 405
Telemundo Internacional 418
Telemundo West 406
Televisión Española Internacional 407
Toon Disney (ESP) 292
TV Chile 408
Utilísima 409
Univision (East) 402
Univision (West) 403
The Weather Channel/El Canal del Tiempo 421
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And here's Dish Latino- Last 6 channels are audio only, 2 Stereo 4 mono. Only channels not in PT are Gran Canal Latino, HTV and TV Azteca.

Cine Latino
CNN en Español
Discovery en Español
Fox Sports World Español
Gran Canal Latino
MTV en Español
TV Azteca
TV Chile
TV Española
Fiesta Mexicana
Latin Styles
Latino Pop
Miami Mix
Viva Mariachi
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Thanks for all the replies. I forgot to mention my reason for wanting SKY Mexico - I'm a huge soccer fan. ESPN Int'l is a channel available basically all of the world except for USA and Canada. It has nearly all the matches a soccer fan could ever watch. I will check the link as to coverage area.

Regarding the coverage area, I am getting conflicting info. I found one sat site that claimed the SKY Mexico sat (PAS9) reached NY. Others say only immediate area near Mexico (lie California). This is so frustrating, trying to chase down programming that is available evrywhere in the world - just not here.

I will check back after I check the sat info again.

Rich B.
OK. Here's the info.


So what do you guys think? Is it possible?


Rich B.
Well the satellite at 58 degrees would be ideal for the east coast. But, if they do not have it in the US/Europe beam you could be in trouble. Notice how fast the beam falls off when moving away form Mexico. It covers lower CA and TX... Maybe with a large dish you could pick it up.
FWIW, a point of reference:

When I lived in Aguascalientes, Mexico (approximately in the center, 100km NNW of Mexico City) I could bearly get Anik I or II, the Canadian satellites. The picture was bearly legible; not one you would want to watch, especially for futbol.

HOWEVER I was using a 14' BUD with a 20 degree LNB. From the looks of the radiation pattern it would be a high risk operation.

Good luck!
Originally posted by Rich B

Thanks for all the replies. I forgot to mention my reason for wanting SKY Mexico - I'm a huge soccer fan. ESPN Int'l is a channel available basically all of the world except for USA and Canada.

Rich B.
TARBS is now testing on G10R ku and Pas 9 They will have 52 channels available to US.

Check them out at www.tarbs.com
Well, besides having IMHO a really BAD website design, I'd really like to see a program guide. Unfortunately, it's not there. You say it's testing on G10? I didn't see it on Lyngsat....

I checked the link and it looks great. Although, if this is an official US rollout, ESPN Int'l will not be included in any package - has to do with broadcast rights. I wonder how I can get more info on the US rollout. You have any more links?


Rich B.
Directv has a MLS package, but it isn't international. Here is the link if anyone is interested:


...and here is a link to Directv's British Soccer League package. It is a bit pricy, but may fulfill at least some need for international soccer:

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