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Can I reuse an eSATA external when I switch receivers?

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My HR21-100 is dying and I'm receiving an HR24; there is a one year old external Iomega MDHD-DVR 1TB drive on the HR21, and I know I will lose the recordings, however the drive I believe is fine.

If I plug it into my new HR24 will it automatically reformat (other, very old threads are saying no)? If not, what do I need to do in order to have my external drive cleaned off for the new DVR? Do I really need to go through the very slow process on my dying HR21 and delete every single recording before plugging it into the new DVR?

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Unless you really want to check the health of the drive, you can follow Smith's advice. If you have had zero issues and the drive is only about a year old with no issues currently, just connect it up, and you get to retain all settings, including your SL's. YOu can also bring up the playlist and use the mark and delete function available from yellow button in list screen, and delete all recordings on drive. If you have an AM21 connected and recorded from OTA on the failing dvr, those recordings will still be playable, just none of the recordings from the sat channels.
If you use the mark and delete method, there is a select all, which just deletes the recordings, none of the settings, much more convenient for most than the reset everything menu choice.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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